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A Day in the Life: Mom Taxi {Houston Lifestyle Storytelling Photographer}

So if you follow me, you know that I am a self-described workshop junkie. Maybe it is the former teacher in me, but I just can’t get enough learning when it comes to photography! That being said, I have decided that 2014 is the year of no workshops. Sad face? Happy face? Basically I want to focus on my 365, daily picture project, shooting for my clients, shooting my boys, and just working on all the great skills I have learned from all of these workshops.

That being said (again), I am currently taking one workshop (the only one for the year I promise!) and, boy, am I glad I did! I have been working these past few weeks with the amazing Colie James Photography with her “Storytelling Through Lifestyle Photography” online workshop. You can register for the March run here. Just go on ahead and do it, you will not regret it!

One of our assignments is to document a Day in the Life (DITL). I chose yesterday because it was our easiest day of the week. On Wednesday we don’t have anything after school and I really treasure those lazy days.  Of course, yesterday was a super lazy day with no running (I have a 40-degree rule for running in the mornings to school, and it was hovering just at 39!) and then we were not quite 100% from being under the weather so we did not run in the afternoon or work out or ANYTHING. OH MY! So, even though we are super active, you will see no activity on this day in the life–just my “Mom-Taxi” status in full effect! So, without further ado, here is our day, starting at 6AM!

Anyone who knows, knows the day starts with COFFEE. Notice the dirty mug? I had to get my black fuel before I could even pick up the camera.

Houston lifestyle photographer_0001

I quickly realized that documenting three wild indians was tougher than it looked. At the same time all three are doing different things.

Lunches made (I hate making lunches), breakfast “eaten”, and then it was time to go bring my oldest to school. Mom Taxi: blastoff! Houston lifestyle photographer_0002

One down, two to go. My middle mister was SO excited to bring his “community helper” bear to school. This week they are talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Lots of doctors and veterinarians and fire fighters. My guy’s community bear is. .. Iron Man. Gotta dream big, kid! Houston lifestyle photographer_0003

Two down and a teething baby is the only one left. Time to work on some sessions. Houston lifestyle photographer_0004

I took this selfie and then was like “Dang! I need to go do my hair”

And then off to the grocery to feed this family! Houston lifestyle photographer_0005

Coffee? Check! Thank you Community Coffee for your delicious flavors. And where is the baby? On my back! Didn’t score a pic of that one!

Before I know it, it is pickup time! Mom Taxi: engage! My middle is ALL about riding his bike now. It makes my heart happy. Houston lifestyle photographer_0006

The boysies at pickup have to kick the tires and honk the horn. You know how it goes.

Houston lifestyle photographer_0007

Most of the time my ornery middle mister is like picture A on the left. But sometimes he is like picture B on the right (smearing his finger on the lens, mind you). I’ll take both! Houston lifestyle photographer_0008

Once again my car and my heart is full after a good day of school all around!

Time to head home for some arts and crafts (the Big made Avengers masks for everyone. Note Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and a tiny Thor for baby). Then out back to play on our new playhouse we scored from an online group (LOVE free stuff!). My oldest refuses to wear clothes so here he is in his underpants. It is just how we roll. Houston lifestyle photographer_0009

By the time I was cooking dinner things were getting pretty crazy. . . Houston lifestyle photographer_0010

The middle mister was melting down yet screaming “TAKE PICTURES OF ME CRYING” so. . .sure.

And reinforcements are here! Houston lifestyle photographer_0011

At this point I was exhausted and gave the camera a break but I was SO happy I grabbed these shots at 7pm bath time with my husband and his mini-twin while the Big showered just out of frame. Some of my favorite images of the day! Houston lifestyle photographer_0012

So that’s a day in our lives! Behind the scenes include lots of baby sleeping, baby feeding, cooking, and getting kids to bed. But that will have to be for another day!

Here is what I have been wanting to do forever.  .. or at least since we added #3.  Counting up and counting down. My heart is full. Houston lifestyle photographer_0013

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