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Colorado Dreamin’ : A Mentorship Experience

DISCLAIMER! These images were shot in COLORADO! NOT HOUSTON. In case you couldn’t tell. Just wanted to clarify. I don’t have this hidden location tucked away in my back pocket. But you can fly me here to photograph your family any time!

So let me start by backing up:

A few years ago I was feeling like my editing was a bit “blah”. It was lacking some “oomph”. Since I have a pretty clean style and I am very DIY, I don’t want to rely on purchased Photoshop actions–I always want to establish my own workflow and actions and processes and remain fairly timeless. So I signed up with a workshop with Sarah Cornish, Photoshop guru and photographer extroardinairre over at My4Hens Photography (check her out here.)

It was a great experience and I found the “oomph” I was looking for.

Far forward a few years and I see that Sarah Cornish is offering family sessions in Austin, TX (she lives in Colorado). SWOON! Unfortunately the timing doesn’t work out for my family but I tell my good friend and mentor Colie of Colie James Photography (check her out here. She also lives in Colorado)

about how I sure do wish I could meet and work with Sarah in person. (and just in case you are wondering, YES, Sarah is absolutely as lovely and fabulous and precious and sweet and supportive and encouraging in person as she appears to be online. LOVE HER! MISS YOUR FACE!!!)

Then BOOM a week or two later Sarah announces she is doing in-person mentoring and Colie and I are signed up! Girls’ weekend in the mountains!!! Happy dance!!!!

And then wow! Sarah shoots one of my favorite photographer’s families in Colorado (curious? come on? do you really know me? It’s Michele of Pinkletoes, of course!)

and I simply cannot wait to get up there to learn about how she makes the magic happen! Cause, really, y’all, Sarah MAKES THE MAGIC HAPPEN with families! Her sessions are all about connection and love and happiness and hugs and snuggles and tickles and ring around the rosey. It is a big ol’ cup of love with gorgeous colors and backgrounds. I might not have the gorgeous background here in lovely ol’ Houston, TX, but I crave those connections in my family sessions! So if you have an upcoming family session with me prepare to be prepared to love on each other and bring your a-game! The times they are a-changin’ and even my family minis are getting more real and loving!

So here are some images from the session we shot. I should have taken more pics of our fun afternoon together, including the 60/40 BACON/beef burger we all devoured at the most adorable little burger place.

I have said it about a gazillion times that I think education is the best thing you can invest in when it comes to.  . .well, just about anything. But especially photography. Gear only gets you so far (and that might be pretty far!) but the interpersonal and business and technical skills really go a long way!

Here are some of my favorites, including plenty of behind the scenes!

Starting off with the dandelions. Colorado is always “dandelions” to me. I’ll have to take more pictures this summer when we are on our SOCO vacation and share more of these fantastic wish flowers!!!


Here’s Colie James Photography getting her shoot on: houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-002

So many thanks to this ridiculously beautiful family for being our models and letting all the photographers take all the pictures. houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-003 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-004


Sarah working her magic: houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-005 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-006 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-007 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-008 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-009 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-010 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-011 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-012 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-013 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-014 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-015 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-016 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-017 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-018 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-019 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-020 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-021 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-022 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-023 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-024 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-025 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-026 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-027 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-028 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-029 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-030 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-031

Oh this sweet little nugget! It turned out to be so cold and windy during our session! Only this girl from Texas was bundled up enough (I was wearing a puffy down jacket. Seriously, I am allergic to cold) houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-032 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-033 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-034 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-035 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-036 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-037 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-038 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-039 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-040 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-041

Check out those gorgeous camera bags. It was a case of “how many cameras does it take for three photographers to shoot one family session.” The answer? A LOT! houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-042 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-043 houston-pearland-photographer-mentorship-m4h-044

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this happen! Sarah for offering the mentorship, Nicole for letting me crash at her place and driving my butt all around all weekend and feeding me (seriously, I ate my way through Boulder/Ft. Collins), and this amazing family!!!! Loved getting to work with you alll!!!!!



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