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Everyone’s in town: Houston Extended Family Session

So this is a little different from the sweet baby bottoms I’ve been posting lately, but perhaps a little known fact is that I do truly LOVE working with extended families. I am terrible at blogging those sessions because I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, forget to have people sign their model release during the session. I’ve been chasing people down with those for years. BUT! I just switched over to doing all my info online and that makes it easier to get several mommies to agree after the fact!

I have a marathon of blogging planned for today (I’m behind on sessions since April and really since November–yikes!–so trying to catch up a bit!)

While I DO work to get *that* image of the whole group looking at the camera, I am a sucker for interaction. I love *joy* in photos

They love their Nana and Gramps

Oh my goodness, this face! Sometimes the great big family photo is just too much pressure!

And sometimes they are fun!

This sweet little girl was just too precious! We snapped a few to document the nine-month mark! And boy is she on the move! It was so great to see her doting auntie and uncle amazed at her crawling skills!

We took some breaks, but we did get everyone in the final photos (monster truck and all!)

Because I love being able to use the phrase “adult children” for some strange reason, I always like posing the grown-ups. They’re always going to be our kids, no matter how many candles on the birthday cake!

Mom and her baby girl:

Thanks again for opening your home and sharing your family with me! It is always a blessing to document everyone together when everyone is in town! And I must give lots of credit to Mom and Dad (Nana and Gramps) for making it such a FUN experience for all the adults AND kids participating with plenty of foods and drinks (yes, you have to bribe the grown-ups, too!) and such a festive atmosphere!

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