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Houston Pearland Cake Smash First Year Photographer: Mr J is O-N-E

It’s hard to be cute.

So it must be really, really hard to be Mr. J!

I’ve been so fortunate to get to work with his parents since they first found out they were expecting and now we are awaiting his little sister to arrive this summer. I can’t wait to meet her and see sweet Mr. J as a big brother! I absolutely love getting to watch a family grow!

We had a lot of fun with Mr. J’s session. He really made us work for the smiles and the cake smash turned into something reminiscent of the movie Braveheart. But what a cutie! He was such a trooper for us!

Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-001 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-002 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-003 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-004 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-005 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-006 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-007 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-008 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-009 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-010 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-011 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-012 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-013 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-014 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-015 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-016 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-017 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-018 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-019 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-020 Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-021

They might take our cake, but they will never take our freedom!!!!! Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-022

Happy first birthday, little guy! Really, it’s not that bad! (but oh so cute!!!) Houston_cake_smash_photographer_j-023

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