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Just me and mine. Getting ready for Mother’s Day 2013! {Pearland Houston Lifestyle Photographer}

This year one of my main goals in family sessions has been to make sure to get MOM in the picture with her kids.

We always seem to be the ones in charge of the camera, so we are rarely actually IN the photo.

So on my Facebook page (see here, and give me a “like” yo!) I presented a challenge for moms to get IN the picture with their kiddos. To encourage this to actually happen, I set up the tripod, got the remote out, bribed my kids to take some pics with me!

They might not be technically perfect (okay, so they might not be technicallyin focus. at. all.). But you know what? I love them! I’ve got my boys in their outfits of choice. Dirty faces. Bandaid on my finger (guess what? our new stapler? works GREAT!).  Crocs and socks and a belt on sideways. My hair is notdid and I still have my glasses on. But these are the moment I want to remember and I want my kids to remember me by!

Oh, and I also posted a pullback on my Facebook page so go check it out!

If you’re wanting to learn how to take better pics of your kids and understand your DSLR camera a little better, I have three spots available in my May 11 “Mom Clicks!” camera class. For more information and to sign up, complete the questionnaire here: Mom Clicks! May 11 Registration

It’s a great Mother’s Day gift, by the way!!! Wink Wink!

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