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I had the opportunity to work with this lovely extended family this weekend, and here is just a sneak peek! (we did A LOT–I may have to do a second sneak or just hurry up and blog the whole thing!) This baby girl is LOVED, folks, let me tell you! She’s got the whole extended family wrapped around those darling little fingers! And why not–she’s the most adorable little girl ever! It was a delight to work with this family and to see how much love the grandparents, auntie and uncle, mom and dad have for this sweet baby girl! And let me tell you this family totally knows how to dress! When I say “pick a color or two, then add a mix of patterns and solids and some textures and accessories”, THIS is what I mean. Fabulous! Thank you! Baby girl can’t help but be a fashionista with such stunning models in her family!

Okay, and I’m totally going to warn you that these first images with her grandfather (papa, papi, granddad–she’ll decide what to call him!) really kind of choke me up. See what I mean about being loved? He learned a year ago this very weekend that he was going to be a granddad in the same room where we took many of the images. What a great fathers’ day gift!

Oh, and can an entire family have more gorgeous eyes? Nope. Beautiful eyes. Stunning.

Thanks for having me over to document such a wonderful occasion! Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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