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Now accepting hazard pay

So I’m taking this fab-u-lous online workshop from one of the photographers I admire oh-so-much, the amazing Stacey Woods (click on her name to go to her site–why, oh, why do my links not change color??!!). I mean, seriously, I tear up when I look through every blog post. She really gets to the heart of things. Gah! Now I’m tearing up!

And, of course, part of the workshop involves thinking a little differently about how we capture our subjects. “Lifestyle” photography is more on the photojournalistic end of the spectrum (as opposed to “everybody smile and look at the birdie!”). So I was playing around with the boys in Z’s room and K was reading one of my personal favorites from childhood–The Pokey Little Puppy (which, I’ll admit, I honestly don’t like to read. It’s a long book. And not as thrilling as I remember it as a child.)

So here was my little guy in action. He turns 17 months old tomorrow (yes, I’m planning his monthly portrait in my head right now). *sigh* My baby is such a big boy!

“You know, honey, that was Mommy’s favorite book when she was a little girl”

“Well, Mom, I’ll take that into consideration.”

Reading by osmosis. “This is how I get it into my head, right?”

Oh, how I love these chunky, stinky, dirty feet. I resisted editing out the little speck of something disgusting stuck to the bottom of his little foot!

Then he climbed up on the bed and was playing with the phone. See that smile? He SO knows he’s not supposed to play with it!

And this, my friends, is why photography can be dangerous. Kid’s got an arm on him! If you couldn’t make it out, that is the phone flying through the air toward my face (lens, camera). Thank goodness for my cat-like reflexes! LOL! I will now be accepting hazard pay for my services! Once again, I’ve learned my lesson not to give children projectiles (remember Christmas 2009? There were some touch-and-go moments with some wooden blocks!)!

Just thought I would blog something about what’s going on with our family. (I guess I’ve not mentioned that whole Half Ironman we were at this weekend that my husband completed. Or anything else big. But, hey, this is a start!)

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