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Pearland Family Session: {What to Wear}

This sweet baby girl has turned ONE! I cannot believe it! (You know you’re a mom when you read that in Quincy’s voice from Little Einsteins!). What’s more. . .this session is a great example of how Mom and I worked together to take wardrobe from white-shirt-and-jeans to SPECTACULAR!

Not only did we make Mom’s Pinterest dreams come true, we captured some wonderful moments for this family as they celebrated several milestones!

Okay I’m not going to bore you with many details, but let me walk you through our wardrobe process:

Mom says: what about solid color polos for everyone and khakis?

I say: Pick out something YOU feel fabulous in and then decide a color palette!

Here are my guidelines for dressing a family:

A) Pick your colors (two, maybe three). You might have an awesome dress that is grey and yellow. Blue and green. Brown and blue. Deep purple and yellow. Pick colors!

B) Add solids, patterns, layers, accessories, and texture. Yes, I realize we live in Houston and the idea of a scarf any time outside of February is ludicrous. But not if it makes an outfit! Big earrings, chunky jewelry–these are all total fashion YES’s for your session.  Truly, you don’t want every family member in a different pattern, but don’t be afraid to mix in a floral and plaid, or a stripe and an abstract. Just look at the big picture because…

C) Put each parent’s outfit next to each child’s outfit and next to your spouse. If Dad is going to wear a solid color Polo, then one son might look GREAT in the same solid color Polo in group shots but might look too matchy-matchy in pictures of just him and Dad

D) Don’t be afraid to call or text me from Old Navy. Or email me outfits. Let’s plan this together. Just because I CHOOSE to dress myself like an athletic hobo does not mean I know nothing about what looks good in the camera. Yes, you can quote me on that. How often do you get Dad to do this? Let’s make is spectacular!

Want the Cliff Notes: Here’s my “magic” formula:  Dress the “difficult” parent first (for me, that’s my husband who’s always afraid I’m going to try to put him in a sweater vest or something. So I pick a great shirt for him to wear). Then dress the other parents. Often Mom is in a killer dress in a solid or pattern and Dad is in a complimenting (but not MATCHING shirt).  Then dress the kids. Mix up patterns. One might wear a plaid over a solid shirt. Solid leggings with a patterned dress (or vice versa) rocks! Look at the kids’ outfits together and then individually with mom and dad. Does it make sense? It might look a bit more “busy” than solid-polo-and-jeans but that’s okay!

Take a look and tell me what you think below!

Oh and for more inspiration, visit my Pinterest board here!

Oh and don’t let me forget

E) MOMS! Take time for yourself! Use this opportunity to get your hair done. Nails. Makeup. I have an EXCELLENT hair and makeup team who would LOVE to help your sparkle!

Had enough? Want to see the rest of the family pics?

Here you go….

We knew we would be working with little Miss in her TUTU but her main “family” outfit was this yellow eyelet (LOVE!)

Did I mention we were dodging a thunderstorm during the session! We had to work FAST!!

Green-yellow-blue were the colors Mom chose for the family to wear in the session, incorporating her favorite dress and the birthday girl’s outfit.

I love how she worked in the brown with older brother’s undershirt and little brother’s plaid. This goes GREAT with the yellow, btw.

Enough about fashion, I just LOVE her interaction with Daddy here!

See how baby girl looks great with both parents’ outfits?

I love this balloon release series!

We also took the location into consideration when planning the family wardrobe. Mom knew she wanted to incorporate this blue wall into a few of the family portraits, so she wanted to coordinate with that as well as with the very green field/park.

Okay, does this make you just want to SMOOCH little brother! I can’t get enough of that expression!

Sweet baby girl was having a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme birthday party, so we read the book as well.

Oh what handsome boys….

Love those dark brown eyes!

And finally with a great pic of Dad and Son. What a special moment!

Well, I certainly hope you didn’t mind the “what to wear” lecture! I know lots of families plan portraits for the fall/winter and it helps to be prepared!

(Oh, and if you want to see how much she’s changed in the last year, here’s an image from her newborn session)


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