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Pearland Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: The L Family and the nautical nursery

I love boymoms. Yes, you read that right: “boymom”. It’s one word. We have our own shirts. Bumper stickers. Medals. I mean, personally, I think I need a medal at the end of every day I keep the boys alive. At least a ribbon!

So I have a special place in my heart for boymoms of three boys. When this mama contacted me to shoot herĀ  newest little love, I was over the moon.

Naturall, since she is a boymom, she texted me the night before the session to alert me that one of her boys had a fresh new shiner. Murphy’s Law! I shared with her about the time my oldest son styled his hair with an entired tub of Vaseline mere hours before a family session. Boymoms. We get it.

Somewhere in between keeping two very active twin boys alive, this mama also managed to decorate a stunning nursery! Check out some of my favorites here!

Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_001 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_002 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_003 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_004 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_005 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_006 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_007 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_008 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_009 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_010 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_011 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_012 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_013 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_014 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_015 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_016 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_017 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_018 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_019 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_020 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_021 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_022 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_023 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_024 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_025 Houston_Pearland_lifestyle_newborn_family_l_026

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