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PROJECT 52: {Adventure}

Let’s face it: I’m terrible about taking pics of my own kids. I mean, in the grand scheme, I’m not that bad (when compared to the mom with five years of pics on the memory card in her camera). But given my potential for greatness with my kids + pics (ha ha I am just joking about that!) I’m not knocking it out of the park. Or maybe I’m just beating myself up. It’s something I struggle with.

Anyway. . . this summer has been…interesting. And hopefully I have learned a lot. One of those things is to just enjoy. Simply enjoy. Whatever it is.  In the moment.

So yesterday our plans to visit the splash park were derailed with a little thunder and lightening. So I gathered the troops to head outside into the mosquito-infested swamp (aka the back yard) to just “be”. After baling out the sand box (can I ever learn to keep it covered??!) I grabbed some plates and the camera and instructed the boys to make some mud pies out of the soggy sand. At their request, we turned on the bubble blower (which, mind you, ONLY works with the BRAND of bubbles it came with). Anyway. . we were having a MESSY {adventure} so what would some sticky bubbles hurt.

I think they had fun. As a mom of boys I need to remember that getting messy is okay. Some messes are worth cleaning up. And in the end it’s the {adventure} that counts.

So here’s our {adventure} in sand, bubble, mosquitoes, and actually taking pictures of my own children doing what they enjoy (which is NOT looking at the camera and smiling, not that I want that, either, but, well, you know!)

Before a gratuitous photo smattering, you can skip on over to the fabulous Mischief and Laughs | Cincinnati Family photographer HERE to see her interpretation of this week’s theme.


Keane says “Ta Da!!!”

It is almost ready…

Just needs the finishing touch…


Bon appetit!

Keane’s “sprinkles”

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