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PROJECT 52: Week 17 {facial features}

I realized that I’ve been so consumed with other stuff that I have not really been playing with my new toy–my 100mm macro lens.  So I popped that bad boy on this week and have been sticking to it. Here’s a secret: I think I’m a prime gal after all. Yikes! How on earth am I going to resolve this love for primes with a love for families? Stay tuned for that, but today what I have for you are some {facial features} courtesy of this week’s challenge with the beautiful ladies of The Bloom Forum:

Truly, he’s the apple of my eye. I can’t love this photo any more than I do right now. Big pink puffy heart love.

Can dirt be considered a facial feature? It’s pretty much a standard around here! I love his squishy nose here. And the apple-eating drool drop.

Love that expressive face. He would not give up the dimples, though. Boy, he has the cutest dimples! Since the day he was born! I was lucky to get what I got!

Those ladykiller eyelashes. . . sigh. . .he gets them from his Daddy. (Notice he’s wearing a different sunsuit here? Yeah, did I mention “dirt” being a constant??)

Yes, his eyes are totally unreal here. I didn’t really do anything with them in post. Love this boy!!!

What a fun assignment this week! Perhaps if I was working with my “big” I would have been able to really get close to focus on those details, but this will do for now!

Now go check out Misty Seltzer | Lubbock, TX Family Photographer to see her take on this week’s theme here.

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