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Project 52 (week 7) AND Project 12: {LOVE}

Love day has come and gone. It was fun.  And Pinterest-filled for all except for this slacker mom. My kids survived. Sheesh.

This week and month’s theme both are {LOVE}. Two birds; one stone. I’m all for multitasking these days.

Here’s my image:

I could post so many things with the theme of love. My family. My life as a Christian. My new camera bag.  But this really touched my heart and I knew it had to be this. My big guy was so excited last week to show me how to make a heart with your hands (he learned it at school). I made the “love” wallpaper/overlay as part of the “trying something new” that I’m wanting to get out of this year of challenges. Was pretty okay with how it turned out!

So go take a look-see over at Misty Seltzer | Lubbock, TX Family Photographer to get her take on {LOVE} for the Bloom Forum’s PROJECT 52.

And check out these links for the PROJECT 12 over at Newborn Goodness: HERE and HERE

If you just want to see some pics of my boys frantically tearing into their V-Day gifts, enjoy here.

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