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PROJECT 52: Week Idunno {innocence}

Because Mary twisted my arm ever so slightly (that’s why I absolutely love and need such a great group of women (who also happen to be photographers) around me to get me out of my own funk!), I’m thankful to be here this week.

This week’s theme is {innocence} and I thought of this images immediately. I took it earlier in the week. I think this is the first picture I’ve gotten in months and months of Keane where he’s actually looking at the camera with his eyes open. Sure, he has a funny expression on his face: he wasn’t up to trouble at all! he was {innocent} And yes, he’s enjoying a little cherry limeade. Don’t judge. Or judge, but don’t expect me to care.

I would also like to point out that our local Sonic has a bad habit of leaving out the cherry in a small cherry limeade. We each got one and only Zane scored a cherry. Disappointing.

Up next is Misty Seltzer | Lubbock, TX Photographer. Check out her take on this week’s theme here.

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