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Rubbing Elbows: {the Pinkletoes workshop experience} Houston Pearland Photographer gone Geek

Okay, so those of you who know me know that I’m a workshop junkie. Fine. I’ll admit it:

“Hi, my name is Sabrina, and I am addicted to learning all I can about this craft to be the best photographer I can be. For you.”

There, I said it. My dirty little confession. It sounds pretty good, huh? Like my clients might benefit from it or something. . .

Anyway. .. well, blame it on my background as a former teacher, but I think education is the BEST investment you can make. And some good glass. Always good glass. Yes, I am a lens snob, too, and I will admit it. Back to eduction–while I will say a million times that photography is not rocket science, there is ALWAYS so much to learn about technique and developing your own style and creative process.

But enough of my personal confessions and soapbox. . .I had the opportunity to workshop in person with the incredible Michele Anderson aka Pinkletoes and Laura Brett of Laura Brett photography last year in January of 2012 for their totally unique posed and lifestyle newborn “Duality” workshop. It was fabulous! But, alas, I have never blogged it. Probably because once I learned a lot of the skills and marketing tools while there I got really really really busy and just didn’t get to do that. Oh well…(watch out! I just *might* get a wild hair!)

Since 2013 is NOT the year of procrastination here is my blog post from *surprise* my second workshop with Pinkletoes.  Maybe I’m a slow learner.  Or maybe I just wanted to watch Michele shoot again. And maybe I really want to focus on “lifestyle” in 2013. Do I really need a reason, people! I saw she was offering it and I just signed up!

Just for some background, Michele’s work has been inspiring to me since I got my DSLR in 2008. I’ve been stalking her blog (so has everyone else, I mean her blog address is “blogstalker.com”!) so long that when we she was prepping us to go our first lifestyle newborn session of the workshop–repeat clients of hers now with their second baby–I blurted out about how I remember the older child’s newborn session and how one of their images won her Pinkle’s Pic of the Year. Their three-and-a-half year old older child. Stalker? That’s me. I had to pray a little prayer: “Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, please do not let me say anything weird or stalkerish around these parents with their precious family. Amen”  I managed to make it though without sounding creepy.

The workshop was a blast. It was a FABULOUS group of photographers from all over the place.  It was a slumber-party/retreat style workshop where we all stayed in a big awesome house (that I took exactly zero pictures of) and got to chat long into the wee hours of the night about our passions. I highly recommend it.  And coffee. Plenty of coffee, because we worked from.  .. early to LATE. . every day.

Here are some pics. They are totally out of chronological order. Not that you would know, but it is bothering me!

We watched and shot an urban family session. These two girls were so incredibly awesome and easy to work with. Let’s clone them, please!

And that’s Mrs. Pinkle herself in the rockin’ green coat.

OH! And by the way, all of the images her are edited with Lightroom as opposed to my normal Photoshop. Talk about moving your cheese! Whew! There were more than a few frustrated tears and lots of Googling that, erm, stuff. (Followed by videos of 6 year old explaining how to do what this 34-year-old could not figure out! OH!)

We started the workshop with Michele shooting our head shots. How’s that for “getting to know you”! It actually was the most awesome experience and a ton of fun. What an amazing group of ladies attended. Here Michele is shooting precious Carly of CK Designs (whose husband gifted her the workshop for Christmas! Talk about a wonderful man!!!). I will post links to everyone’s websites at the end.

Oh and here’s my mug shot! She had to get all Sue Bryce on my pregnant self!

We got to work with a lifestyle family + newborn session. Coolest. nursery. ever.

We worked with some seniors and maternity sessions in an urban setting. FUN!

And here are a few of my shots from the workshop:


Can you tell I like happy maternity couples? I love them laughing.

It was a lot of fun using that great Austin skyline!

Here are links to the other fantastic women who participated in the workshop:

Leslie Clawson Photography

Claire Hill Photography

CK Designs

Cris Stephens Photography

Captured by Chrissy

Beth Fenwick

Alana Couch Photography

Dear Ellison Photography

Jane McEwan Photography

Of course in between shooting and chatting and eating (yes! lots of good eating!) we talked business and marketing and products and packaging and preparing clients getting clients boutique partnerships Lightroom editing Lightroom vendors Lightroom lenses angles did I mention Lightroom? 😉

And, seriously, there is nothing quite like an in-person workshop to learn a ton about photography. And to get to rub elbows with someone you admire. It was cool. And I might have geeked out once. Or twice. But who’s counting!

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