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Should I Stay or Should I Go

So I’ve been “out of business” for a while now. I still get inquiries for the Houston area even though we now live 1500 miles away. I still get the occasional scam text, which makes me still feel connected to the photography world (do you accept credit card? i need a family shoot THIS SATURDAY). I am slowly losing touch with a lot of photography friends and trends and I’m okay with a new phase of my life. I am back to where I started: shooting my kids for myself. It has been a long road. There has been some mourning the loss of my business and clients who I felt like were almost family. I struggled to pick up my camera. I still do. I am slowly getting back into my comfortable creative space again. I am so thankful for friends who have supported and helped me along the way. But I am somewhat at a crossroads.

All sorts of things are coming up for renewal and I am trying to decide the fate of my business website. Do I renew my domain or just let it expire? Do I keep this blog that I had completely customized just before we moved or do I let it go?

I know that eventually I will return to working with clients because I love people and I love their stories and I love putting their family story into pictures. I always have.

But as I slowly get back to myself in shooting just for myself, I’m leaving you here with a series from our storytime this week. It might not seem special to the outsider, but the little details here are those I want to make sure to remember forever.

385A7310 385A7313 385A7317 385A7320 385A7322 385A7324 385A7325 385A7333

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