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Story Portraits: Fall Train Ride

ICYMI: we moved to Pennsylvania!


LOL. Seriously, this was the weirdest and most stressful (not to mention my busiest with client work!) summer, EVAH!

But things are calming down and we are settling in and we are getting close to being officially official in all the official ways (my poor kids have been lugged around to WAY too many offices and appointments and waiting rooms to change information and establish new service!)

Let me first say that we are LOVING Pennsylvania! It is ridiculously pretty here! We’re going to enjoy our first fall EVER! How exciting is that????

We are enjoying learning our new home base and exploring all of the fun stuff there is to explore! We found a church in West Chester, PA, home of West Chester University and the Golden Rams (you can check out the website for The Journey Church here). And we noticed this cute little train station departing as we drove home after services, so we decided to check it out this Sunday. It was Pope weekend in the Philadelphia area so traffic was supposed to be crazy and unpredictable and we figured why not just take a train!

The West Chester Railroad features a “fall foliage” train ride, so I was excited to sign up and see some brilliant color! This was a fun diesel engine for my train-savvy boys to enjoy. And the Railroad Company has been around since 1831! Wow! That sort of history is pretty amazing and new to this Texas girl!!!


Many thanks to my sweet husband to grabbing a few of me with the boys. Two out of three ain’t bad! fall-train-ride-002

We were running late¬† right on time, of course, so we didn’t have a long time to settle in before the train blew the whistle and took off.¬† fall-train-ride-003

Still, waiting is hard! fall-train-ride-004 fall-train-ride-005 fall-train-ride-006 fall-train-ride-007 fall-train-ride-008

When the whistle blew and the train lurched forward, my sweet little Meatball got a little freaked out! I don’t think he realized we would actually be MOVING while on the train!


“It’s a widdle bit scawy!!!!” he said before crying a little. Translation: it’s a little bit scary! Poor little thing! fall-train-ride-009 fall-train-ride-010 fall-train-ride-011 fall-train-ride-012

Fortunately, a big brother can make everything better. fall-train-ride-013

We were cautioned NOT to stick anything out of the window so I had to short of shoot from the hip to grab some scenery as we were passing through. We followed Chester Creek for the ride. fall-train-ride-014 fall-train-ride-015

Once, I tried to look ahead by sticking my head out of the window, but my marvelous Middle Mister warned me that it was “AGAINST THE RULES”. I’m glad to have at least one rule-follower!

We made it to our destination after a quick ride! fall-train-ride-016 fall-train-ride-017

Despite it being a “fall foliage” express, we didn’t see that much color. I still will take what I can get! fall-train-ride-018

We got a great view of the train from the picnic rest area while waiting to turn back. fall-train-ride-019 fall-train-ride-020

A few tickles and running around to get the wiggles out and then we were back on the train. fall-train-ride-021

Are these berries for real? What crazy colors! fall-train-ride-022

Sometimes it is hard to be eight years old and too cool for everything. fall-train-ride-023

There was a bit of color on the way back! fall-train-ride-024

Group hug time! What a fun train ride! (And no one flew out of the open window! I was worried!)


Choo-choo! We are enjoying making some family memories! Check back and hopefully I will be posting more soon!

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