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Swarthmore Philadelphia Family Photographer: Fall Color with the C Family

Okay, I am not sure I can write this post without getting a little emotional. Love this family! They have made our transition to our neighborhood so easy. Mom totally adopted us and got me set up with all the information I could possibly need to get our little family settled here. Pediatrician? Check. Local gymnastics classes? Check. Best playgrounds for toddlers? Check! Soccer team? Check!!!  Front-door-margarita-delivery-on-a-Friday-afer-a-long-week? Check! Mom to three boys expert? Check! Gah, what an amazing friend, right? See? Getting choked up!

And Dad is our soccer coach. Which is great, except that now we are COMPLETELY spoiled and can never deal with a lesser youth sports coach. So. ..future coaches, the bar is set high, okay? Also the most positive person ever. No idea how he does it!

We met this family because about five minutes after we showed up at our new house with UHaul in tow, the two younger brothers ran across our driveway (via a neighborhood shortcut to a friend’s house) scooped up Zane and Keane in their wolf pack, and the rest is history.

So, I am rambling, but mostly I am just trying to say that I am just so grateful for this family. They are amazing. I love them. And I love that they let me take their family portrait this year.  Thank you so much for sharing swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-001

It is an outtake or is it not? Moms of three boys understand… swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-002 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-003

Moral of the story. .. I am HEE-LARIOUS!!! swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-004 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-005 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-006 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-007

Completely unplanned… swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-008 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-009 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-010 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-011 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-012 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-013 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-014 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-015 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-016 swarthmore-family-photographer-philadelphia-017 your f


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