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Swarthmore West Chester Philadelphia photographer: The J Family in the Borough

Well, well, well. .. .I bet no one thought I would be blogging here again. Or at least, I for onewas not so sure!

If you didn’t know: We moved! Yay! And I have been fortunate enough to get to shoot some fantastic holiday sessions with some of my favorite families.

My first session was a super fun urban session with a family that I love love love. We just walked through the borough with a pretty sightly caravan of moms, dad, and kids (my kids were there, too, it was quite a sight!) I learned that my oldest can carry a stepladder for an hour and works really hard to make other kids laugh!

But stepping back for a minute. . .this family is more than just “friends”. .. Dad is the pastor of our new faith community The Journey Church and wowie wow wow, it has been such a great place to learn and worship and meet amazing people.

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I always invite Social Media to the session! What a lovely spot!

Johnson-family-2015-037 Johnson-family-2015-038 west-chester-family-photographer-014 west-chester-family-photographer-015 west-chester-family-photographer-016 west-chester-family-photographer-017 west-chester-family-photographer-018 west-chester-family-photographer-019 west-chester-family-photographer-020 west-chester-family-photographer-021 west-chester-family-photographer-022 west-chester-family-photographer-023 west-chester-family-photographer-024 west-chester-family-photographer-025

Thank you so much for sharing your family with me!!!!! See you on Sunday!


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